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Aftermath pt1

Raw bootlegs of Gwem and Pocketmaster are available.


Offical party results are available.
Thanks to all visitors for making this party an overdosing experience (:


In the meantime a unsorted release dump is available. It's not complete nor nicely sorted, but most of the releases are there for your download pleasure. :)

17th may 2007 - timetable announced - 8 days to go - prepare for lift-off!

We added the timetable, take a look.
If you want to compete with a remote-entry please be aware that the
deadline for remote-entries is Friday, 25th 14:00h CET.
(We already got some entries - it will be a tough competition! compete!)
We are proud to present you a special sneak-preview of the documentary 8BIT (see trailer / see web) on saturday.
For all those poor databoys who can´t attend MO we will stream the DATADISKO on fridaynight live on
please check back on friday to get a list of all available relays and TUNE IN to party with us.
We also invite you to join #mo8 on IRCnet to preparty with us.

27th april 2007 - We fixed the second liveact and added some sponsors

gwEm is gonna make the datadisko-dancefloor burn!
We are also proud to present our last years sponsors again:
Joellenbeck GmbH (aka) SPEED-LINK and the CSW-Verlag
will contribute some nice competition-prizes

21st march 2007 - first datadisko-liveact fixed!

the swiss datatroopers of pocketmaster will play live @ datadisko on friday.
prepare for more liveacts to be announced soon!

21st march 2007 - website launch!

today the website launched...
register now! and stay tuned
for further information.